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Auston Woods Apartments October 2014 Newsletter

Monster Mash

Join us at the Welcome Center on Wednesday, October 16, 2014 from 5:30 – 7:30pm for our Annual Monster Mash. This year, we will have a DJ, food, games, candy, costume contest and other spooky activities for all to enjoy! 

Hope to see everyone there! Would you like to see more events like this in the future, or do you have ideas to make next year’s Monster Mash even better? Email your Community Activity ideas to Ashley at ahkuzma@hhhunt.com.

Fitness Center

We have ordered a new sanitary spray for our fitness center equipment that will be delivered by October 10, 2014. We appreciate your patience with this matter. Please contact our business office with any questions.

Help Us Keep Our Community Clean

We have recently noticed an increase in litter throughout the community. 

Garbage that has not been disposed of properly poses a big concern, not only because it is unsightly, but also because it may act as an attractant to pests and wildlife. 

Trash items should always be placed inside the trash compactors or appropriate trash receptacles. Please do not leave household trash items on balcony/patio areas or in building breezeways.

Pet waste must also be disposed of properly. In addition to causing unpleasant odors, pet waste poses a health hazard to people and animals. For your convenience, pet waste stations are located throughout the community.

Please note that anyone who does not properly dispose of waste materials, whether household trash or pet waste, will be charged $25/waste item.

To keep the exterior of the buildings looking their best, we also ask that you refrain from hanging towels and bathing suits over the railing of your balcony/patio areas.

Fall Favorite Recipe

Crockpot Lasagna Soup

7 hrs and 10 mins to make Serves: 6-8


1 lb Ground beef


1 tbsp Basil, dried
4 cloves Garlic
1/2 cup Onion
1 tbsp Parsley, dried
1 28 oz can Tomatoes

Canned Goods

3 cups Beef broth
1 6oz can Tomato paste

Pasta & Grains

2 cups Shell pasta

Baking & Spices

1/4 tsp Pepper
1/4 tsp Salt


1Optional topping- shredded cheese


 1 cup Water Other
 1 cup  V8 (or any vegetable drink)

Maintenance Tips of the Month

  • As the cold season approaches, please turn on your heat to ensure that it is working . You may smell a light burning odor that may briefly cause your smoke detector to sound, this is just dust that has settled on your heat coils.
  • It is most cost effective to set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and not adjust the setting through the day. Adjusting the thermostat to a warmer temperature during the day, or turning the unit off will cause the system to work harder to cool/heat the apartment, resulting in a higher electric bill.
  • Use ceiling fans to help circulate the air in the apartment.
  • Be sure that the air conditioner is set to “Auto”; if set to “On”, the fan will run but it will not cool.
Abberly Woods Apartment Homes | 5301 Roundstone Way, Charlotte, NC 28216.
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