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Auston Woods Apartments February 2014 Newsletter

Share the Love Coat Drive

Help Auston Woods spread some warmth and love during this cold weather! We will be collecting coats and jackets, which will be delivered to The Relatives, Mecklenburg County’s only shelter for youth 7-17 who are homeless, have runaway, or are experiencing serious family conflict. All sizes and styles would be appreciated. We will be collecting coats through Friday, February 14th. For more information on how you can help this organization, please visit www.TheRelatives.org.

Watch Your Speed

We have received numerous concerns from residents regarding cars speeding through the parking lots and around curves throughout the community. The posted speed limit Auston Crossing Dr is 15 mph, and the recommended speed through the parking lots is 10 mph. For the safety of all residents, we ask that you please be aware of your speed when driving throughout the community.

Gate Protocol

When you arrive at the gate and swipe your access card, please allow the arm to raise fully before you begin to advance. The gate arm must lower completely before the next person swipes his/her access card in order to ensure that the timing on the gate arm allows residents to go through.

Piggy-backing, or following closely behind another vehicle, passing another vehicle while entering the front gate, and entering through the exit are strictly prohibited.

To prevent others from following you through the gate, we recommend entering as far to the right as possible, slowing to allow the gate arm to lower behind your vehicle before continuing home.

Violations to gate protocol will result in access to resident amenities being limited or revoked. Violators to gate protocol may receive a police citation, and non-residents may be charged with trespassing.

Sweetheart Sundaes

Come out for a sweet snack on Sunday, February 16th from 2-3pm at the Welcome Center. We will have ice cream and toppings – all the makings for a delicious sundae treat! Treats available while supplies last.

Water Bills

As a reminder, your Studebaker Submetering water bills may be paid by mail, online at www.studebakersubmetering.com, or you may bring payment to the office. If you bring payment to the office, please make the check payable to Auston Woods.

Maintenance Reminders

To keep your toilets from backing-up and overflowing, please do not place unflushable products in the toilets: items such as paper towels, Q-Tips, and feminine hygiene products should not be flushed.

Preventative Maintenance will be completed this month. From Monday, February 3rd to Friday, February 7th, our Service Team will be entering all apartment homes to check smoke detectors, check for leaks, and change air filters. Service will take place between 8am and 4pm. 

Due to the number of apartment homes that we will be entering during this time, we will not be able to accommodate appointment requests. Please be sure that all pets are secured and that the utility closets are accessible. 

Notices will be placed in your breezeway to notify you of when your apartment home will be completed. If you have any questions, please contact the Welcome Center at 704-597-9199.

Trash Disposal

We have recently noticed household trash being left on patios, behind buildings, in breezeways, and along the walls by the trash compactors. 

Because trash that is improperly disposed of can be an attractant to bugs and animals, and creates an unpleasant odor, we must ask that all trash be disposed of in one of the two trash compactors at the front of the community. 

Violations to these policies may result in fines starting at $25 per violation. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe and beautiful.

Book Club

Looking for a new book to read? A Book Club will meet on Saturday, February 22nd at 11am in the Resident Activity Center. 

Based on interest and attendance, we hope to make this a monthly event. The book to be discussed will be The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. It is not necessary to RSVP to attend.

Abberly Woods Apartment Homes | 5301 Roundstone Way, Charlotte, NC 28216.
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