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Auston Woods Apartments August 2016 Newsletter

Important Gate Information

As you may have noticed, we have had several instances recently where the gate has been struck by lightening. The entry gate is a premium feature of our community, and we strive to keep it in good working order. We are actively working to resolve all issues with this matter.

We have found that many things contribute to the likelihood of further damage : piggybacking at the gate or passing cars that have swiped their access cards. When property damage occurs, we do review surveillance video with our courtesy officer to identify the person(s) responsible, and a $100 fine is assessed.

Violations to gate protocol will result in access to resident amenities being limited or revoked. Violators to gate protocol may receive a police citation, and non-residents may be charged with trespassing.

Piggy-backing, or following closely behind another vehicle, passing another vehicle while entering the front gate, and entering through the exit are strictly prohibited.

When you have a guest come to the gate, please instruct them as to how to use the gate kiosk. They may scroll to your name and hit call, or enter your 3 digit ID, at which point the kiosk will call directly to whatever number you have provided.

You may talk to the person at the gate, verify their identity, and press “9” to open the gate remotely. If you do not know your 3 digit ID, please contact our Welcome Center, and we can provide it to you.

If your phone number has not been entered into the gate system, please make arrangements to meet your guests at the gate to allow them access. If you witness anyone following others through the gate, or otherwise violating community policies, please inform us immediately, providing the time and a description of the vehicle. If you have any questions about the entry gate, please contact our Welcome Center.

Help Us Keep Our Community Clean

We have recently noticed an increase in litter throughout the community. Garbage that has not been disposed of properly poses a big concern, not only because it is unsightly, but also because it may act as an attractant to pests and wildlife.

Trash items should always be placed inside the trash compactors or appropriate trash receptacles, never left in the breezeways, on patios, by buildings, or along the walls by the trash compactors. Please note that anyone who does not properly dispose of waste materials will be charged $25/waste item.

Pool Reminders

For the safety of all, pool regulations must be adhered to at all times.

Pool hours are from 10am-10pm.

All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.

No pets are permitted in the pool area at any time.

Glass containers are not permitted on the pool decks. Alcoholic beverages must be either in a cup or a can with a coozie.

Proper swimwear must be worn at all times. Proper clothing and shoes must be worn in the clubhouse areas.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Up to 2 guests per leaseholder are allowed at a time, and a leaseholder must accompany guests to the pool.

For a complete list of pool regulations, please see the Resident Handbook.

Use of the pool areas is a privilege: any violations of regulations will result in revocation of privileges.

Energy Saving Tips

We all want to save a little extra money. To help reduce your electric bill, here are some small tips that can go a long way.

  • When going away for several days, bump your air conditioner up a few extra degrees so it does not have to work as hard to cool while you are gone.
  • Set your air conditioner a degree or two higher than you typically would, and use your ceiling fans to stay cool and keep air circulating. If you turn the unit down while you are home, only vary the setting by 2-3 degrees.
  • Using your dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand. Set your dishwasher to air dry to save more energy.
  • Add some color to your apartment and save on your electric bill by putting up curtains. Not only will your home have more personality, but it will stay cooler during the day, too.
  • Wash your laundry using cold water whenever possible, as hot water heating accounts for the majority of the electric usage for your washing machine.

Ice Cream Social

Join the Auston Woods team at the Welcome Center for an ice cream social from 5:30-7pm on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. We will have ice cream and toppings – all the makings for a delicious sundae treat! Treats available while supplies last.

Abberly Woods Apartment Homes | 5301 Roundstone Way, Charlotte, NC 28216.
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